Monday, 15 December 2014

Solving the Remittance Dilemma

Sunduzwayo Madise 

University of Warwick; University of the Western Cape; University of Malawi
November 27, 2014

American International Journal of Research in Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, 8(1), September-November, 2014 

Remitting money in sub-Saharan Africa has always been a problem because of infrastructural problems affecting the region. Malaŵi, being a land-locked least developed country has been greatly affected by this. The country is agro-based with a majority of the population living in villages in the rural areas. Traditional means of remitting money have proved to be either expensive or unreliable. With the advent of the mobile phone, mobile network operators have devised a solution to the age-old problem of remitting finances to rural areas. The paper looks at how the mobile network operators in Malaŵi have addressed the remittance dilemma by taking advantage of the ubiquitous nature of the mobile phone.

Keywords: financial inclusion, Malaŵi, Malawi, mobile money, payment system, remittance

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