Friday, 14 October 2016


I started the 22-day challenge, complements of Rex Harawa PhD, a highly successful but humble gentleman.
Today I have the honour of nominating another self-made and successful man, Mayer Chisanga, Senior Counsel. The fact that he is Senior Counsel is enough to talk about his legal exploits. In short, Mayer si loya wamba. Ndi biggy genuine. He started a legal house which has become one of the main powerhouses in Blantyre. Now I am privileged to call Mayer, my big brother. Through the years, I have learnt a lot from him. His love for family is exemplary. Seeing him with his wife is always a joyful sight. I once saw him and his wife leading a bridal party and was amazed at his dancing skills! One of the first lessons he taught me was that class and quality is not cheap. You have to pay for it, sometimes dearly. And he should know better because he is a man of class. But what is humbling about this great man is how he interacts with everyone, especially those much younger than him. He oozes confidence but does not throw his weight around. And he has a witty sense of humour. You have to be on the same wavelength to catch hit wit. Most times I am left miles behind and have to play catchup. But he always says what is on his mind, that's Mayer for you. Street-wise, Mayer sawopa! Alibe mantha. You would expect no less for a person who grew up in the cut-throat razzamatazz of Bangwe. A truly self-made man. Mayer is also religiously faithful and exemplary. Always occupying the same seat at St. Columba CCAP Church. And as long as I have been a member there; I have never seen him miss church. Mkhristu wodalilika pa mpingo! Mzika. And always immaculately dressed!
The rules are simple:
Once you are nominated, your 22 days start.
Every day you must record yourself doing 22 pushups. Try your best to reach 22. If it means doing assisted push ups on your knees,or stop to take a break, that's cool, but make sure to get them all done, all 22 push ups in one video.
From your Day 1, every day after you do your work-out, you must still nominate a different person. Try to choose people you think need this.

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