Monday, 24 October 2016


I started the 22-day challenge, complements of Rex Harawa PhD, the ultimate bespoke-gentleman. He wears a floral bow-tie to work and kills it! #Respect to the good doctor. A self made man. Hard working man. Always generous with his counsel.
Today's nomination continues in the tradition of bespoke gentlemen. I will nominate one but will mention a few others, who, should they wish, may take the challenge without any obligations.
Today I have the honour of nominating CM Tukula aka Man Tuksky. Now Man Tusky is my senior at the bar (there is drinking involved there too but not in this regard) and yet I had the privilege of being his mfundisi. I noted he was always one that kept his own counsel, but never hesitated to ask for clarification. I also noted that he was always highly organised and disciplined. Through the years he has maintained high standards of being always well groomed; well polished, and well kitted for the occasion. When the photogenic Man Tuksy adorns a suit, he does not look good in the suit; he makes the suit look good on him. He has a way of mixing colours and fabrics to spectacular effect. So if you are ever stuck or caught up in a fashion police quagmire, the man you must go to is Man Tuksy. Peruse his wall; absorb his tips and you are set to become the perfect gentleman. As they say, to be the best, you need to learn from the best. There is no shame in learning, only elation at the end of the day. And you will quickly realise that looking smart does not always entail expensive clothes; but it is the way you mix cotton and wool.
Of course, here we need to pause and give respect to four others; two who are my peers and the other two my elder brothers; but all highly respected bespoke gentlemen that quickly come to mind. One is AAM. Jelasi down munthu amavala mwaluso ndipo mwa smart - ung'ono ung'ono genuine. Zoyamwila, is all I can say! Always poised in his characteristic high collared shirts which hug his neck perfectly. The other is my man SKC. Amakhala ngati kuti suti amusokera pa thupi! (BTW that's the definition of a bespoke). I think enough said about the VP, his class has always been self-evident for all to see; even before he occupied Plot No.2. Then we have Sir Jimmy Koreia-mpatsa. The cool, calm and collected benevolent entrepreneur who has built a business empire at his own pace and with such humility! Always dressed right for every occasion too; even at the Stadium while watching soccer. A man of class. 
Last but not least we have the dapper and debonair; Chris-Tofa Kapangaaka Tofa. Growing up at Paul's Anglican Church in Kabula, we all looked up to this successful man. Seeing the heights he has attained is mind-boggling. And like the good doctor he likes his bow-ties too! And boy does he not look dashing in them? And his face always seems to defy the sands of time. His masterly and understanding of the insurance business is legendary! Ghana is blessed to have him!
Now luckily for moi; am I mere mfundisi. I can still go to my lecture room in my work clothes; typically my holed skin-hugging jeans, my Che Guevara T-Shirt or my rainbow coloured a Bermuda long shots complete with my basketball sneakers. I may also decide to keep my Afro unkempt for company, and my goatee as a stress reliever. But I still make sure I keep track of my wardrobe! And yes, once in a while, when it's time to put on the Tux or walk the red carpet, and trim the beard, I have friends like these to learn from. #Respect. True bespoke gentlemen. Keep the fire burning.
The rules are simple:
Once you are nominated, your 22 days start.
Every day you must record yourself doing 22 pushups. Try your best to reach 22. If it means doing assisted push ups on your knees,or stop to take a break, that's cool, but make sure to get them all done, all 22 push ups in one video.

From your Day 1, every day after you do your work-out, you must still nominate a different person. Try to choose people you think need this. In case you have already embarked on this or a similar challenge, spread the love, pass the challenge on.

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