Wednesday, 26 October 2016


So I promised to do 2 sets of press up routines as part of my farewell in honour of my own sibling. It's now left to me to thank everyone who has participated in this challenge in whatever form. Special thanx to those who have taken up the challenge and kept the faith. Thanx to all the Chekete leaders and those who provided moral support. And here I must pause and pay respect to Sir Rex Harawa, PhD. You don't know how much you have invigorated these old bones. Bless you good doctor. Special mention to my son and companion Hlekwayo. It was he who insisted I start going to the gym with him. Great lad! NyaKamkwalala is not on Facebook. And she most likely thinks I am busy stuffing myself with junk food all this time oblivious that I have been punishing these old muscles! But don't tell her; it's our secret!
So this is my final bow! 
I doff my hat to you Dingiswayo Madise aka CJ
Yebo Dhlamini
BTW you should donate the famous the pipe and walking stick 
As part of the utensils to be used by Mnumzana GVH Mkakabanthu Madise
Khoza lilipo kale (royal bangle) - the one who wears is the Gogo)
Umkoto nawo ulipo (spear is there)
Na cihlangu (so is the shield)
Na nthonga (and the knobkerrie)
This is it! Mfundisi (cibongo Lombo) out! 
(Microphone drop)

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