Saturday, 22 October 2016


I started the 22-day challenge, complements of Rex Harawa PhD, the bespoke gentleman.
Today I nominate Don Dada. Now there is only one Don Dada on Social Media that we know of. Just as there is only one Mfundisi. If you don't know his real name then you are in trouble! The Don Aka Athira is a man of many talents, and many faces too but he is not a Janus. He is definitely not 2-faced. Before we had UlayaClassics, The Don was the one who championed muscle building and exercising pictures of himself on Facebook. And UlayaClassics has taken it to the next level. This European is a true genius! And The Don has always been a pace setter. I recall seeing him and his expectant wife in a Hollywood pose; complete with The Don kissing the belly. Now I see this replicated in all manner of style! The Don set the way! That's what's Kings do; show the way. And if you ever fee like a good Bible verse written in Chichewa chomveka bwino; then I would suggest the Don's Wall. The Don has always impressed me with his down to life style. And I note he is still an active footballer despite his age. #Respect Rasta!
The rules are simple:
Once you are nominated, your 22 days start.
Every day you must record yourself doing 22 pushups. Try your best to reach 22. If it means doing assisted push ups on your knees,or stop to take a break, that's cool, but make sure to get them all done, all 22 push ups in one video.
From your Day 1, every day after you do your work-out, you must still nominate a different person. Try to choose people you think need this.
In your case Don, I suspect you have been working harder already and this is a starter for you. But spread the love. Pass the challenge on. You are The Don.

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